Above: Local WAYOUT_blp Manager, Leanne Wicks, mulls over which object she normally lives with to bring to WAYOUT in May 2023 to help make WAYOUT_blp. Photos: Alex Wisser

Callout to participate in WAYOUT_blp by lending an object you live with and can do without till end of June.

• DOWNLOAD WAYOUT_blp brochure with Lending Agreement

• Meet me in Bathurst on 20-22 April 2023 when I am planning meeting interested Bathurst people with local artists. Email me on wayoutblp@gmail.com to meet up.

• Meet me in Lithgow in mid April - email me on wayoutblp@gmail.com to meet up.

• Come to a free WAYOUT_blp Workshop at the Mudgee Arts Precinct in Cultural Workshop #1 on Saturday 11 March at 1-4pm, to find out how and why you are being asked to participate. Bring an object you are thinking of lending if you wish, and after about 3pm we can experiment with making a shape with them and beginning to draw them. Pass this information on to anyone living around Mudgee who may be interested.

RSVP wayoutblp@gmail.com to book your free spot.

• Come to a free WAYOUT_blp Workshop at the Western Plains Cultural Centre Meeting Room 4 on Saturday 11 February at 1-3pm, to find out how and why you are being asked to participate.

RSVP wayoutblp@gmail.com to book your free spot.

Or pass this on to someone living closer to Dubbo who might be interested.



WAYOUT_blp is planned as a floor drawing marked out on the wooden floor of Kandos’ WAYOUT Art Space building, by arranging into a simple shape, the objects lent by people from the surrounding geographical area. That shape will remain for the duration of the exhibition in May-June 2023, opening 13 May.

I am using the personal attachment people have to the object to stand in for the personal attachment people may have to the place where they live.The objects stand in for the location they are brought from and I think of them as together demonstrating a communal regard for place.

If you would like to participate, please write to wayoutblp@gmail.com telling us what object you want to lend or donate and its regular location. We will send a reminder closer to the time and find out what arrangements you can manage to deliver it.

Margaret is also holding artist workshops (using images and discussion) at art centres in the NSW Central West to explain and encourage participation. The first two are at Dubbo and Mudgee (details above), and others will be advertised as dates are confirmed. Write to wayoutblp@gmail.com to be kept informed. (These workshops are to encourage objects to be mainly from the NSW Central West where the blp will be made, but some objects can also come from further afield as well.)

Or you could just turn up at WAYOUT in Kandos (71 Angus Ave, Kandos, NSW, 2848) with your object between 10am and 3pm, Tuesday 9 to Saturday 13 May 2023, but better to email wayoutblp@gmail.com so we know what to expect. Complete your lending agreement in the attached brochure (that will also be available at WAYOUT).

Objects brought earlier can be stored at WAYOUT, and arrangements can be made for collection points elsewhere. (Would you like to be a collection point for your town/area and arrange for the collection/delivery of those objects by emailing wayoutblp@gmail.com?)

WAYOUT_blp cannot accept more than one object per person, objects that are dangerous, offensive (eg that smell bad or have offensive imagery) or too heavy to move (over 15kg), and prefers objects that are not already artworks. This is included in the lending agreement.

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Mudgee WAYOUT_blp Workshop: Saturday 11 March 2023, 1-4pm, Cultural Workshop 1, Mudgee Arts Precinct, 90 Market Street Mudgee 2850. RSVP to wayoutblp@gmail.com. Other Workshops to follow. Print Mudgee poster.

Dubbo WAYOUT_blp Workshop: Saturday 11 February 2023, 1-3pm, Meeting Room 4, Western Plains Cultural Centre, Dubbo. RSVP to wayoutblp@gmail.com to book your free spot. Other Workshops to follow.

If you want a live or zoom workshop in your area email wayoutblp@gmail.com.

Get on wayoutblp@gmail.com mailing list to be kept up to date.

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WAYOUT_blp acknowledges Australia's First Nations' People as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this land, and the Dabee people of the Wiradjuri nation where WAYOUT Art Space is located. We offer our respects to the Elders—past, present and future—and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.