WAYOUT_blp, WAYOUT, Kandos, at 12 May 2023. Photo: the artist

WAYOUT_blp opened at WAYOUT on 13 May 2023 with 132 objects arranged on the floor of WAYOUT in the shape of a blp.

WAYOUT_blp, WAYOUT, Kandos, at 31 May 2023 with 136 objects. Photo: Alex Wisser

DRAW AN OBJECT: As part of the documentation of the project, anyone who likes drawing likenesses is welcome to come to WAYOUT, select an object and draw it in their own way, showing the care and attention to the object that observational drawing asks for.  Some drawing materials are provided and you are welcome to bring what you like to use yourself. You can place an object on a table to draw it, or draw it sitting amongst the other objects in the blp. 

You will be asked if you want to donate the drawing to the WAYOUT_blp project, or if not, if I can use a digital photograph of it online and you lend the original if an exhibition of the WAYOUT_blp project can be arranged in the future.   

These drawings of the objects are part of the work's multi-part documentation, which also includes:

• photography,

• voice recordings of how lenders came to live with their object,

• essays and

• an Object Register which shows a small image of each object


WHAT YOU GET from drawing WAYOUT_blp objects is:

• the pleasure of drawing and of participating in a community project
• acknowledgment in on-line documentation of the project, and in possible later documentation exhibition (subject to gallery and funding being found)
• If you live out of Kandos, get extra drawing time with free drawer's accommodation  in Kandos (essential to book on wayoutblp@gmail.com)

• apologies there are no drawer's fees—I tried, but CREATE NSW said no no no.


• 13 May - 25 June 2023 (NB some objects will return home in the last week)
• Open 10am-3pm Thurs-Sat (coffee shop hours) and 10-2 Sun. 
• Contact Margaret for out of hours access + questions: wayoutblp@gmail.com
• After objects return home, lenders are welcome to draw their own object or arrange for someone else to do so, and contribute original or photo to WAYOUT_blp dpocumentation.


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