Callout to people in regional NSW

Would you like to participate in an artwork in Wayout Artspace in Kandos by lending an object you live with and can do without for 6 weeks?

The artwork is WayOut_Blp, planned as a a floor drawing marked out on the wooden floor of Kandos’ Wayout Artspace building using objects brought from the surrounding geographical area for the exhibition in May-June 2023, opening 14 May.

The objects stand in for the location you bring them from, and come together as a concentrated blp to demonstrate a communal regard for place.

The project may seem a while off, but I am seeking letters now from ready lenders to persuade funders that regional people are keen to participate.

If you can, please write to me at saying you will participate inWayout_Blp by lending or donating an object that normally resides with you. Remember to include your residential address, and please email asap—for the first application closing 31 January 2022. Feel free to say why you like the project, and even say what you are thinking of lending. (But do not send your object yet—see more detail below.)


What is a blp? A blp is a commonly found flat shape made up of an rectangle with a half-circle at each end, as shown in the Wayout plan above. The blp was named and used by artist Richard Artschwager from the 1960s onwards as a generic indicator of ‘here’. See more on You Tube.

WayOut_Blp is an artwork made by temporarily drawing the outline of an approximately 15m x 5m blp on the Wayout building floor, and locating many lent objects within that blp shape so that together they mark out the blp for the duration of the exhibition.  In bringing objects from the surrounding geographical area, you are using them to act out the role attributed to the blp by artist Richard Artschwager, which is to demonstrate a communal regard for ‘here’.

What object should I bring? I am inviting you to bring one object that you like (but that is not meant to be an artwork in the fine-art sense of paintings and sculpture) and that you normally live with. (We cannot accept objects that are offensive, dangerous or cannot be moved easily by 1 person.) Objects are best brought to the Wayout building in Kandos in the installation week (9-13 May 2023), with later and earlier deliveries also accepted. Earlier and later collection points will be devised as needed. At the end of the exhibition, you are asked to collect your object, or let us know if you want your object adopted out.

How big is the surrounding geographic area that objects should come from? The 'surrounding geographic area' is flexible, concentrating in Kandos but also spreading out into the regions as far as lenders live.

What do we need to know about the object? When you deliver your obejct in 2023, we will ask you where the object last resided, your name, address and contact information, what you want to happen to the object afterwards, and to accept that while we will do everything reasonable to protect your object we cannot guarantee its safety absolutely. We will also ask to photograph you with your object (or the object alone if you prefer) and if you are happy with that, we will ask you to also agree to the photograph being kept and used as part of the bigger documentary record of the project.

Will there be a permanent record of Wayout_Blp? Wayout_Blp will be recorded with:
• All lenders will be acknowledged as key participants in this project. The detailed record of lenders will include photographs taken of lenders with their objects (when agreed to), and the information lenders agree to provide (if they also agree this can be kept after completion of the project);
• observational hand-made drawings of each object (or of as many as possible) made by regional and other artists who draw likenesses. Because objects need to be shown care and attention in order for their likenesses to be drawn in this way, the drawings will indirectly record the care and attention lenders show towards the place the objects come from, as well as recording what the objects themselves look like to the artists. The plan is to exhibit these drawings in a separate exhibition and donated to a collection, preferably a local one.
• professional photographs of Wayout_Blp.
• essays on the blp in and out of art, the art practice of moving things around rather than making new things, the care and attention needed to make observational drawings. Some or all of these will be available at the exhibition.
• One or more publications after conclusion of the exhibition that bring information, photographs, drawings and essays together.

My role: I will apply for funding, talk in local places such as regional galleries and other places in towns such as Kandos, to explain the project so as to encourage people to participate by lending objects, receive and locate objects within the blp in the Wayout building, give artist’s talk/discussion after the opening etc., document work etc.  I will also write an essay on blps and place, and artist Terry Hayes will write an essay on the art practice of moving objects around, and Ann Finigan on 'Drawing the stuff of our lives". See my previous blp work here and more by clicking on every 'next'.

Funding: Funding will be sought from CREATE NSW and the Australia Council for costs including fees for local project management, photographers, artists, essay writers and publications. If funding applications fail, documentation will be reduced and voluntary arrangements made with any interested artists, writers and managers who still want to participate in the work's core activities.


Please help me fund this project: Please support my applications for funding for this project by sending an email or letter to me at saying you will lend or donate an object for Wayout_Blp in 2023 (optionally also with a photo or description of the object, and saying what you think of the project including what you think it will do for regional arts and communities.) Remember to include your address which shows where your object is from. Your letter will be used to support applications (the next closes 30 August 2022), and there may be more if you miss those. Please spread the word—ask anyone you know who may be interested—send me their email addresses if you think I should remind them. I will follow up in early 2023 to see if you can still lend your object to the project in May 2023.

Hoping to hear from you soon

kind regards
Margaret Roberts
0425 277 462

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