Margaret Roberts TEST2 2020, cotton duck fabric, elastic cord, metal handles and location in Articulate Turns Ten, Articulate, Sydney.

TEST2 divides Wladyslaw Strzeminski’s 1926 painting Architectural Composition #1 (shown left) along the line that divides its two shapes, leaving one visible and hanging from the rafters of the building and the other dissolving into its invisible space, where it retains a generalised presence only—in its similarity to shapes found in most buildings.  It hangs from one side of a rafter by elastic cord that goes over the rafter and is tied to handles bolted into the cement floor below.





TEST2 repeats and relocates the first TEST which was made in plastic on a gallery window in Paris by Jacek Przybyszewski earlier in the year when galleries were closed during the COVID lockdown. TEST also makes visible half of the same Strzeminski painting as TEST2, but on a glass gallery window, allowing the painting's remaining half to dissolve into the invisible space and familiar architectural form of the gallery. The interior of the gallery could be seen from the street by people looking through glass left transparent around the opaque plastic shape.

Making TEST again here as TEST2, also made me think about making more TESTs, to further emphasise location alongside the apparently singular painting.


Photos: the artist