Margaret Roberts, TEST3 plywood, shoe polish, locations, in Fracas1&2, Articulate January 2021

TEST3 remakes Wladyslaw Strzeminski’s 1926 painting Architectural Composition #1 (pictured left) by opening it along the line dividing its 2 shapes, leaving one visible and propped against walls of Articulate's building, the other dissolved into the likeness against which it is leaning.

The first TEST was made by Jacek Przybyszewski during the 2020 Paris lockdown using the window and interior of Pam Aitken’s Factory 49 Paris, prompting TEST2, which used the rafters, floor and interior of Articulate’s building in Sydney later in 2020. This prompted TEST3 as the third remake of the painting in this way. As well as being the third, it is also composed of three of the visible shapes, using two different sizes. Each shape leans against a different wall of the building, to emphasise the work's generalised relationship with buildings—though the positioning of each shape in TEST3 was determined by what looked right in each particular spot selected.

Each work is also a variation of each other, and extends its parent-painting’s challenge to painting’s convention of spatial autonomy that is shown in its potential for division.

Photos: the artist