Margaret Roberts Little Red Check (with Christine Dean's Drag Queen 2015) in Grey Area, Airspace Projects, 2-17 December 2016.

Photo: Glenn Locklee

Little Red Check documents Red Check, an installation devised to mark the closure in 2004 of the old Tin Sheds Gallery at 154 City Rd. In Red Check two swings hung from the rafters above 3m x 3m iron-oxide squares on the ground, in the Tin Sheds building that had been cleared of all its gallery accoutrements. On the opening night visitors swung on the swings till late, spreading the iron oxide all around. Little Red Check documents Red Check using its swings, remnants of its iron oxide left on the swing seats, and the substitute Airspace building, which enabled the swings to be installed so that they could still be used.

It is part of a wider interest in ways of documenting spatial artworks—works in which actual space is an important component—so that actual space is not entirely removed in the reduction involved in documentation.