above image: before the opening, Photograph: Margaret Roberts.

Red Check, 2004

Tin Sheds Gallery, 154 City Road, Darlington, Sydney.

Press Release:
Opening night attendants: Cameron Emerson-Elliott, Emma Nicholson, Kathryn Ryan
"Visitors to Red check were also performers in the last show at the Tin Sheds Gallery at 154 City Road. The building is to be demolished soon, after hosting 16 years of Tin Sheds exhibitions. Gallery walls, lighting etc were removed so that the building, as well as its visitors, was integral to this last show. The building was constructed as a brick factory in the late 1920s, housed the Commercial Motor Company for many years, became the Architectural Science Annex in the 1960s and opened as the Tin Sheds Gallery on 7 April 1988. For Red Check, a check pattern in red iron oxide pigment crossed the cement floor, hand towels hung along the walls, and swings from the rafters. On opening night, the red stuck to people's feet, leaving footprints everywhere. Attendants removed what red they could from people's shoes, returning it to the shelves of the gallery storeroom. The rest was walked into the night. … At the same time, two doors down the road at 148 City Road, the first shows opened at the new Tin Sheds Gallery at 148 City Road, Darlington: Deborah Vaughan, eye full and Bevan Honey, Split. The three works are curated by Jan Fieldsend, Director of the Tin Sheds Gallery, as the show, SEEsaw.

during the opening

after the opening

Discussion of Red Check: Leoni Schmidt, Playing with the Image