photograph Paul Gleeson
untitled room drawing, PURL 1993.
West Melbourne Primary School, 5th Australian Sculpture Triennial.
Green oxide powder drawing in the shape of the outer wall of the next room.
"In assuming such an absurd disconnection between mind and body, I hoped that some other interesting thing might appear, because gravity and other corporeal considerations do seem to effect perception and interpretation, and because our automatic perceptual and interpretive faculties stimulate our rational ones. When the drawings are actually made they exist in their own right, and where the process that produced them is unknown, they can be considered as if they have no history. They can be seen as abstract and without reference to the concrete or particular. However, because their ground is the concrete and particular, yet another game with ambiguity can begin. Though the shape is abstract, it is a concrete form and incorporates real space within itself. There is 'confusion between the shape of the space and the space of the shape'. They are open to any interpretation viewers can make. For example someone described this green shape as a shadow, an interpretation consistent with the process actually used to create it, only back to front."
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