photograph Paul Gleeson

untitled room drawing, PURL 1993.

West Melbourne Primary School, 5th Australian Sculpture Triennial.
Unbound white titanium oxide in the shape of the ground floor of the building.
"Altogether, I made three drawings of the ground floor and four drawings of outer walls, each from different positions throughout the building. Each of the floor drawings are drawings of the actual shape and size of the ground floor as it would appear if it could be seen from the middle of one of three first floor rooms. The outer wall drawings are of walls facing in four different directions as seen from locations in the building where there was a blank wall nearby. My initial intention was to depict the whole of the internal space of the building as if it could be seen from one location, but without using any architectural plan or the memory of walking through the rooms to put together the general overall plan in my mind. If we had a type of x-ray vision that saw only the edges of planes from any one position, instead of the cerebral freedom to conceptualise space irrespective of our physical location, then we could see the world as overlapping shapes such as these."
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