Why is the roller door left open? (red 3M floortape and Artculate project space) 2024, in Factory 49, A Tribute at Articulate project space, March 9 - 31, 2024. photos: Peter Morgan.

The work is 27m x 4m x 2.2m because it is the life-size footprint of one exhibition space (Factory 49 showroom) drawn over the actual floor and walls of another: the latter's floor is 27m x 4m and the drawing goes up the walls 2.2m on each side because the Factory 49 showroom is 8.4m wide. The roller door has been left open in the footprint drawing because that's how it usually was during exhibitions, and it shows those who know the Factory 49 space how to read the shape as its footprint.

The exhibition is of 66 works, and the right image above also shows (from front to back) the work of Beata Geyer, Louise Blyton, Kendal Heyes, Marlene Sarroff, and others, the left image also shows (from front to back), the work of Anya Pesce, Sue Callanan, Billy Gruner and Sue Callanan again (under the stairs).

In marking out the life-sized floor plan of the Factory 49 showroom across the actual project space of Articulate, this work hopes to reflect their common interest in asserting the 'here' more than the 'there' of place. I discuss this difference here, in a broader, historical context of images and place.