Margaret Roberts Place 2019 (painted mdf shapes and wall) is shown in Articulate Turns Nine 2019. It brings together the components of one of several plans that Sophie Taeuber drew for the L’Aubette commission in Strasbourg in the late 1920s and which were never realised. Place brings it one step closer to realisation by presenting its components at life-size scale— including the wall which is approximately the same size as the L'Aubette wall that the plan was made for—while still leaving the plan unfinished. It is left unfinished to emphasise the physical place that the future needs to play out in, and that is needed for the activity of moving and placing the shapes on the wall according to Sophie Taeuber's Study plan, shown below.

Above image: Sophie Taeuber, Study for L’Aubette 1927, gouache on paper, Arp Foundation, Clamart, France.

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