Margaret Roberts, Sophie Taeuber Composition (96) 2018, plywood, Scenic paint, black shoe polish, floor. Above image from: NAS Staff Drawing Show 2019 at the National Art School.

Sophie Taeuber Composition in 96 parts is site-specific in relying on the gravity and extension of its physical location for its arrangement. Its subject is Sophie Taeuber’s 21cm x 21cm Composition vertical-horizontal of1916, expanded (by 5.5) to human body-size and into two possible likenesses, one closer to the painting in coloured theatre-paint, and the other closer to its monochromal drawing, in black shoe polish. Its lines are the cuts that give its 96 parts the potential for re-arrangement, giving place a key role in the work. Taeuber’s work is a precursor to the early site-specificity of minimal art. The black is paired with the colour in memory of the many cultures and species being lost as a consequence of global warming caused by the modern culture's devaluation of place.

Other re-makes of Sophie Taeuber works: Sophie's Circles, Sophie'sCostume, Wait for Sophie and Dance.