Margaret Roberts Architectural Compositions with Festivities (detail) 2013, wood, multiples of approx. 47 x 34 cm, in Articulate Turns Three
Articulate project space, December 2013.

Architectural Compositions with Festivities 2013 remake Wladyslaw Strzeminski's 1920s Architectural Compositions 1, 2a, 9c, 10c, 11c and 14d at half size, in wood instead of oil-paint on canvas, and with shapes separated by cuts instead of by colours, so as to incorporate their physical location into the work. The purpose of incorporating the physical space into the work is to move the works away from their original spatial autonomy, and instead acknowledge the physical space in which they are located. The purpose of that acknowledgement is to make a small gesture towards the re-valuation of place. The 'Festivities' referred to in the title is the context provided by the opening party for the large group end-of-year exhibition, Articulate Turns Three, which was also occupying the space where they were first shown.

Other 2013 works using Strzeminski's Architectural Compositions include Architectural Composition with Backyard and several Architectural Compositions with Showroom.


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