Margaret Roberts 50 black stars and half a Strzeminski painting, 2016, tulle & floor tape, in Flag Waverers, SLOT, 30 Botany Road, Alexandria NSW. Open 24/7: 7 November - 9 December 2016.

Flag Waverers is designed to coincide with the elections in the USA on 8 November. It is curated by Pia Larsen and Charles Cooper and shows the work of Charles Cooper, Maryanne Coutts, Lynne Eastaway, Nicole Ellis, Pia Larsen, Frank Littler, Wendy Murray and Margaret Roberts.

50 black stars and half a Strzeminski painting combines strands of previous work—use of black tulle as shadow (as in BULGA for example), and the work with Strzeminski paintings (the 'painting' drawn in tape here is the shape of half of Architectural Composition 2a 1927). They came together accidently and their dada-like relationship seemed appropriate for whatever was going to happen in the elections the day after we installed.

Earlier works with Strzeminski's Architectural Compositions