Margaret Roberts, Sophie Taeuber Composition in 96 parts, 2018, plywood, Scenic paint, black shoe polish, floor, location. Above image from NAS Staff Drawing Show 2019 at the National Art School, Sydney.

Sophie Taeuber Composition in 96 parts remakes Sophie Taeuber’s 21cm x 21cm gouache painting, Composition vertical-horizontal of 1916. It expands it by over 5 times to human body-size, cuts the lines separating its 48 coloured parts and doubles the number of those parts so that it has the potential to be made into two of the original compositions, one as an enlarged likeness of the coloured painting and another as its enlarged black-tonal drawing. Each part is cut from 6mm plywood, painted or waxed on all sides

The cuts allow the work to be packed up and remade into varied arrangements as needed. The cuts also require these arrangements to be made on the floor or other flat surface, so that gravity and horizontal extension of the work's physical location replaces the gouache binder on paper of the original. These changes mean Sophie Taeuber Composition in 96 parts is constructed with a more equal relationship between composition and location than its original.

Other re-makes of Sophie Taeuber works: Sophie's Circles, Sophie'sCostume, Wait for Sophie, Dance and Plan.