photo Margaret Roberts
untitled room drawing 1994
Nur Gora Rupa festival , Surakarta/Solo, Indonesia
Drawing installation in yellow oxide powder. Work by Heri Dono on the ground between the pillars.

"In 1994 I had a 4 month Aialink residency at Institut Seni Indonesia, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I made this installation at Nor Gora Rupa, an annual festival of music, performance and installation, in Solo/Surakarta, North of Yogyakarta. Through Galeri Cemeti in Yogyarkarta, along with several other artists, I was invited to make a work in a building in the complex in which the festival was held. The building included several pillars in the centre, and bamboo structures supporting the unstable roof. With the help of Marinta Singarimbun and Chefira Inda, I used a corner of the interior of the building to begin a geometric shape which seemed like a floating square from one point at the entrance, from where it appeared to occupy the centre of the room, because it was drawn on the pillars as well as on the wall behind. The shape broke up when you moved away from that point..."