Photograph: Margaret Roberts.
Unmade Histories (waiting), 2005.
Rocketart, Newcastle.

Unmade histories (waiting) included the installation of walls and objects documenting artworks that incorporate literal space. I considered that their 'documentation' in advance acknowledges that space better than documentation after the work is made. The materials are sitting waiting in the corridor for the artist or anyone else to come along and remake the work.

Two walls were constructed to convert the approx 4mx4m back gallery of Rocketart into a 12m passage way, one end opening into the front gallery, and other ending in the 'storeroom' of waiting artworks.

Artworks documented in this project include works by Helena Almeida, Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Kosuth, Bruce Nauman, Liliana Porter and Robert Smithson.

This image: Unmade Histories (waiting): Marcel Duchamp, 1,200 Coalbags, 1938, 2005 (paper bags, cable, rubber stamp, ink pad, corridors)

Thanks to Stephen Sullivan.