photograph Chris Fortescue

Untitled, from Unavailable Space, July 1996.

Curated by Suzanne Bartos at The Performance Space Gallery, Sydney.
Unbound red oxide on walls and unbound yellow oxide over wooden constructed object.
"It is partly their non-specialised architecture which makes galleries like The Performance Space such a pleasure for artists to work in, because the art-world can constantly interact with the real-world, to stimulate awareness, through the contrast, of things that are commonly taken for granted in these worlds. The architecture of TPS gallery has never been fully converted into conventional art-gallery architecture. It looks as if it could be an empty version of what it was before it became an art gallery in the early 1980s. It is fairly normal, functional architecture in the sense that most things function as they do in other parts of the world - you can still go through doorways, lean on walls, look out of windows, etc."
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