photographs Chris Fortescue
150-8 1999
Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney University.
Part of 20/20 Vision , a group show curated by Helen Hyatt-Johnston.
"In the 1960s, part of the suburb of Darlington was taken over by Sydney University, generating public protest when many buildings, including some of those surrounding the Tin Sheds Gallery, began to be bulldozed. The Tin Sheds Art Workshop and gallery partly grew out of this protest movement. The lines in 150-8 represent the position of the front walls of the buildings which occupy/occupied the 2 blocks of land on each side of the gallery, and the gallery's site, which are currently numbered 150-158 City Road. The work imagined that each of the 5 blocks is placed on the site of the gallery, so that the eastern side of each block is located on the eastern side of the gallery site. The lines of the base of these front walls were positioned on the gallery floor, wall and ceiling (as the other blocks were wider than the gallery's block), on the same scale and location (in relation to the block's boundaries) as they are/were on their own block. The buildings from each block are shown in different coloured tape, and front doors were included, lying down. The existing semi-moveable walls of the gallery were hung over the drawn lines."