photograph Chris Fortescue
Untitled (square), 1991.
Drawing installation in red oxide and plaster over the walls and corner of the artist's studio.
"... red iron oxide powder mixed with water mopped onto the wall and floor, then rubbed back by hand when dry to expose the quality of the oxide. The plaster frame was made in 6 parts over black plastic on the floor, then screwed into place. It was an approximate square from one position in the room, and rarely did a viewer see it as a square, as the camera does, because the viewer knows its shape is not square. When the viewer in the room was able to see it as a square, it could appear as flat, or as a concave or a convex corner, which could be disorienting as it simuiltaneously appeared that the ground they were standing on did not exist. The corner over which it was made contained no detail such as power points, skirting boards etc, which contributed to its ambiguity."