photograph Chris Fortescue

Untitled, from Steam, an artists' Project for Australian Perspecta 1991

Curated by Vicente Butron and Janet Shanks
Drawing installation using unbound oxides over a constructed right-angled wall.

A last minute change of venue for this exhibition meant that the group was split into 2 locations, with 4 artists in the basement of the ASN building in The Rocks. The basement contained 2 rows of pillars. The pillars intruded into the space, so the installation was aimed at "drawing out" one of the pillars. A plaster board wall was constructed to enclose one pillar, then the whole construction was "drawn out" by representing the enclosed area in a simplified form, minus the pillar, on the front of the constructed wall, using the lines where the planes of ceiling, wall and floor meet and colouring the spaces between the lines. Because it was being made as a drawing, it only made this sense when seen from one predetermined position - a spot in front of the opposite pillar. Most of the time, interpretations were open and unpredictable.