photograph Margaret Roberts
Untitled, P.I.C.A, August 1994.
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.
Chalk drawing on the cement floor of the East Perth Boans warehouse.
"In the Boans warehouse in Perth I used right-angles to put together contradictory information about the three dimensional nature of the space. I used chalk to draw a conventional square - ie. as seen from directly above. From a position outside this square, I drew a line across each end of each side of the square, eight in all, so that from the set-up point the lines appeared to be equal in length and at right-angles to each of the lines of the original square. This position was symmetrical in relation to the first square. From this set-up point, and only from there, the added lines also appeared symmetrical in relation to the first square, although in reality they were of different lengths. From that same position, there is the illusion of the drawing standing up, especially when framed in some way. Even without the framing, there is an uncertainty about the height and evenness of the ground in the vicinity of the drawing, and hence there is the appearance of the drawing having some independence from the ground or confusing one's interpretation of how flat the floor is."
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