Untitled (polystyrene & found building) in Articulate opening group show. Photo Sue Blackburn


Opening 3 December 2010. Open until 19 December, 11am-5pm Fri - Sun, and until 30 Dec by appointment.

Articulate, 497 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt (opposite Cass Bros)


The works are the art/building pairs that result when the shape and size of parts of the building—a wooden T-beam on the ground floor and the brick roof-beam supports on the top floor—are remade in white polystyrene material and then located nearby.

The similarity between each paired form emphasises their differences—the polystyrene occupying the space of ghosts or of art, and the building supports occupying the space of an actual building. Their similarity suggests that a continuity has been constructed between spaces (eg of ghosts, art, life etc) that are thought of as incommensurable, and their differences suggests that actual space can be occupied in widely different ways despite its apparent continuity across the planet (and perhaps across the universe generally).

The pairs were made to reflect the spatial emphasis of the articulate opening show. They are also part of a larger spatial project, that explores, for example, how art can occupy actual space in ways that question the dominant social meaning and value it is given. In particular it attempts to construct relationships between art and actual space that value the latter more highly than is suggested by the space-polluting nature of current social practices.