photograph Chris Fortescue
Flats December 1997.

106 Erskineville Road, Erskineville, Sydney.

Flats was made in a disused shopfront in Erskineville, an inner Sydney subhurb. The life-size shapes of the back walls were drawn onto the floor in yellow and green pigment, moved two metres forward and one metre to the right of the wall segment from which each is derived. The drawing was thought of as a wall-dance-drawing that mimicked the dance-like movements of viewers who also move around to help work out what they are seeing. The work is seen from the pavement outside the shop, from where the still shapes on the floor merge with the moving traffic and trees reflected in the glass and overlaying the shapes. These moving and still images occasionally cohere—as when a reflected car appears to stop at a drawn yellow line—and confuse interpretations of the angle and location of the ground.

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