Photograph Chris Fortescue
Through a Corridor Sideways, 1992.
Exhibition with Rebecca Turrell,The Performance Space Gallery, Redfern Sydney,
White titanium oxide over wallpaper backing over walls and floor.
The set-up points for the white drawing in the long room were two spots located against the opposite wall, each half way between the ceiling and floor, and half way between one side wall and the centre of the room. From each of these two spots, the pattern directly in front of the viewer was the mirror image of the pattern which could be seen from the other spot. From each spot you could also see the other half of the shape although from a different angle. It was impossible to see the whole pattern simultaneously because that would have required eyes several metres apart, as the two set-up points jointly made the viewing spot for the whole work. Thus "getting it" whole required the viewer to figure it out deliberately as well as look.
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