Margaret Roberts blp wear 2014 (ply, black paint and shoe polish) in Fair Isle at Articulate project space 2014. Photo Peter Murphy

Worn by Bettina Bruder in The Survey Show, the inaugural exhibition of the Clandulla State Gallery, opened on April 13 2014:

Blps were invented by Richard Artschwager in the 1960s. I am using them as I believe he used them - as indicators or markers of the space that is common to all places. I am interested to remake and adapt past spatial artworks to recognise the long history of spatial art practices - the many decades over which artists have worked to contribute to the revaluation of place by the new relationships they construct between the abstract space of artworks and the actual space they occupy. The vacant abstraction of blps acknowledges the live nature of actual space by simple contrast, hopefully reducing the everywhere-nature of actual space that makes it seem invisible.



The Clandulla State Gallery (CSG) was established by Alex Wisser in 2014, when he also invited me to collaborate with him in organising its inaugural exhibition, The Survey Show in April.  I wrote spatial disorientation / navigation / spatial artwork as part of the process of thinking about the sort of work the CSG would encourage.