Margaret Roberts Occupy Kobro 2013, 16mm B grade white engineering felt, in blackandwhite, Articulate project space, 2 - 18 August 2013. In above image Occupy Kobro is occupied by Margaret Roberts (left) and Shirley Cho (right). Photo: Chantal Grech.

Occupy Kobro uses the opened-out shape of Spatial Composition 9 1933, by Katarzyna Kobro. The shape is cut-out in felt and laid flat on the floor. The title invites visitors to occupy the shape, with the left image below provided on the roomsheet as a guide. By physically occupying the shape, visitors participate in bringing the work closer to completion by giving it the curved form of the original sculpture, and also by continuing Kobro's exploration of the relationship between an artwork and the physical space in which it is located.

Below left: Katarzyna Kobro, Spatial Composition 9, painted metal, 1933. Below right: Margaret Roberts Occupy Kobro (SC9) (small version for hands), orange felt, 2013 (Photo Jo Rankine)