Margaret Roberts Saving Space 2015, red & blue tulle netting and the room in which it is located. The tulle form expands to 1275mm x 635mm x 1070mm, the same as the wooden cupboard across the room (shown below). It is called Saving Space because it is like its companion cupboard, only it takes up less space (because the tulle collapses onto itself). It also attempts to save space by being an expanded form of drawing that avoids 'advocating' the devaluation of place implied in the convention of spatial autonomy. It does this by using actual space (eg 1:1 scale and proximity of location) to represent its 'subject', its companion cupboard. That also leaves its visual language free to play with Beata's idea of magenta - through the colour game of doubled tulle.

Saving Space is part of MAGENTA an exhibition curated by Beata Geyer of work by artists Louise Blyton, Sue Callanan, Adrian Clement, Fiona Davies, Beata Geyer, Shavaurn Hanson, Joel Lambeth, Tom Loveday, Ian Milliss, Tobias Richardson, Margaret Roberts, Hayley West, Caroline Wilde and Kayo Yokoyama. MAGENTA is open 7th March - 13th April 2015 at WEST Project Space 38 Railway Pde, Hazelbrook, The Blue Mountains NSW AUSTRALIA.