Sunliner Seat Base (sink-side), 2011, unprimed canvas, 135 x 100 cm in Live in Your Art 2

Factory 49, 49 Shepherd St Marrickville 2204; Open 1-6 Thurs-Sat

Opening 23 February 2011. Closing 5 March.


Live in Your Art 2 uses the fixtures of the Sunliner caravan normally parked behind the Factory 49 showroom to make hybrid forms that acknowledge both their space of origin and the art space for which they are made.

The caravan cupboards, bench, seat bases, wardrobe and water-tank are opened-out into their plan or pattern. The shapes are also made life-sized and in unprimed canvas. So as to acknowledge the inhabitable space of their caravan origin, they are also made as double-sided bags, with openings to enable visitors to physically occupy them. They are to be laid out in rows on the floor of the showroom for ease of examination and access.