Margaret Roberts Floor Archive in The Glassroom, the Drawing project space on the ground floor of Building 28, the circular Chapel at the centre of the National Art School campus. September-October 2017.

The Floor Archive project plans to layer life-sized floor-shapes of the 3 adjacent rooms (including of The Glassroom floor itself) in a type of local floor-archive. The purpose is partly to see how strange the familiar becomes when its context is even slightly shifted—for example, the line seen in the above image outlines the shape of the floor on which you stand to see into The Glassroom from this angle, and the image below shows the shape of the entry area added as well. The project will change over the next weeks that you can see by visiting The Glassroom whenever NAS is open or by looking back at this webpage. Materials used to make each floor drawing are stored in the vitrines nearby.


Floor Archive with the life-sized shape of the Glassroom floor added, located against the ceiling.

This project was prompted by the ordinary peculiarities of the particular location and continues aspects of earlier projects including POLYGON LANDSCAPE, NO BIG COAL, TWIN, BLACK, air and others.