FLIP (detail) (Photo: Pam Aitken)
FLIP, spatial drawing, Showroom, Factory 49, Marrickville


FLIP is a room drawing produced by an interaction between an architectural space and its representation. Like TURN,  the artist's previous drawing at the same Showroom, it is a representational drawing that experiments with its proximity to its subject. Both are the same scale and occupy almost the same location as their subjects. However they each represent different parts of the space and and their locational variations produce other differences. TURN began as a line-drawing representing the Showroom walls, but in attempting to actively engage them in a turn around the room, it split apart and lost most of its intended resemblance.

FLIP on the other hand retains more of its resemblance to its subject (the Showroom floor) by flipping over and lieing over its subject as neatly as possible. This greater resemblance was made possible by remaining on the single plane of the floor that the drawing represents, in contrast with the TURN line which, as Janelle Humphreys reports in Eyeline 68, behaved as thuogh it 'didn't know it was in 3 dimensions', crossing plane-changes as if they were not there, reminding her of the Square's dimensional confusion in Edwin A. Abbott's Flatland.

In recognising the importance of plane-changes to the 3-dimensional nature of physical space, FLIP is thus able to get even closer to an identical representation of its subject, while retaining only the slight difference in location caused by the flipping. The next step may to bring them into a greater alignment and make the drawing cling directly onto its subject. Or maybe a split is a better direction to take. Either way, the hope is that out of such interactions between representation and its subject will come something unexpected and produced as much by one as the other.


Open Thurs - Sat 1-6pm, 27 August - 5 September 2009,

49 Shepherd Street, Marrickville 2204 Australia., (+61) 2 9572 9863.