Margaret Roberts Can’t think of what to call it yet 2018. Circles and lines cut from plywood and painted black or white. Shown in Colour Run at Braemar Gallery, Springwood, NSW, with work of Louise Blyton, Sarah Breen Lovett, Fiona Davies, Anne Graham, Beata Geyer, Naomi Oliver and Tom Loveday. Colour Run is curated by Beata Geyer and runs from 24 May to 17 June 2018

Opening Saturday 26 May, 2-4pm;

Artists' talks every sunday 2pm (Sun 3rd June - Naomi and  Beata; Sun 10 June - Margaret, Anne and Tom)

Finissage Sunday 17 June 2-4pm.

Can’t think is the decorations at the top of the Braemar House veranda posts, before they were quartered, carved, framed and painted into what we see there today.  It is an idea that has been rolled back in time, and is now rolling forward again in a different way—as black and white circles and lines intended to show us their context through colour-contrast.  (We sometimes roll-back actions in dreams, then forward them again differently, and this is an experiment to see what happens when you try it while awake.)

It is an idea that could also apply to decisions other than how to decorate the building—what if, for example, whoever decided to settle and build on the Braemar House land reconsidered that decision, and decided instead to leave it in the hands of traditional owners to decide how it should be occupied, and that decision caught on and spread? It could also apply to other decisions—decisions about what to do with fossil fuels, for example, could be rolled back and remade so they are left in the ground, instead of being burnt to raise the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere to what will soon be unliveable levels, and so on . . .

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Braemar House and Gallery, Springwood, NSW

Can't think what to call it yet in collaboration with visitors Emily and Molly (above) and Simon Alexander (below) - photos by Beata Geyer

Can't think of what to call it yet in collaboration with visitors Emily and Molly (above) and WeiZen Ho, Sarah Breen Lovett and Basil Geyer (below) - photos by Beata Geyer