Margaret Roberts, Architectural Composition with Showroom (4a) 2013 Factory 49 showroom, November 2013. Photo Sue Blackburn

The above Architectural Composition with Showroom 2013 separates the two parts of Wladyslaw Strzeminski's 1927 Architectural Composition 4a. One is cut out in ply, and the other in gingham-wallpaper attached to the wall. Each is located so that anyone can delete (or reduce) the physical space separating them by placing the ply shape with the gingham shape to make a drawing (or collage) of Strzeminski's image.

The purpose of separating the two parts and inserting the actual space of the Showroom into the earlier composition is to acknowledge the actual space that is disregarded in the spatial autonomy characteristic of conventional artforms. Strzeminski and co-artist Katarzyna Kobro questioned these conventions in the 1920s, discussing them using the term unizm. This project aims to recognise the foresight of such early twentieth century artists, while reflecting the greater urgency that their spatial concerns now have with the rise in sea temperatures and other signs of the blind disregard modern culture has for the inhabitability of the planet.


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