Black, 12 shapes in white-painted mdf and the found architecture of Galeria El, Elblag, Poland. (on right: red work by Bogumila Strojna). Photo the artist

Black is part of Miedzy- przestrzen, a group show of site-specific work by artists Richard van der Aa, John Adair, Pam Aitken, Marcus Bering, Rolande Orepük, Charles Payan, Jacek Przybyszewski, Margaret Roberts, Bogumila Strojna and Jacques Weyer, curated by Jacek Przybyszewski. (Miedzy- przestrzen = Inter-space)

Opening 8 September 2011; Open till 6 November 2011.

Centrum Sztuki Galeria El, Elblag, Poland.

Black is made up of life-sized shapes of 12 of the door and window-like openings in the 20 metre high brick walls of the building that houses Galeria El in Elblag, Poland. The shapes are cut in mdf, painted white, located on the floor in the same order as they are found in the walls and adjacent to the gaps in the air-conditioning openings on the floor. The work is titled Black because the openings they represent are black (or in shadow); the shapes are painted white to distingiuish them from what they represent, as well as because of the practice in Poland for openings in old buildings to often be filled-in with white material during renovation. The openings selected for representation are those that are above floor-level but not the very large windows that are open to the light of the sky. When brought to ground-level, they are amongst many other openings, some of which currently act as doors and others bricked-in.

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