ARTEFACT in A.R.P. ( Artists Residency Program on Cockatoo Island) curated by Anna Laerkesen. Materials: 48 metres of red wool yarn (shown here with the aid of LineTool) and interior of Building 138.
Opening 9 September 2010. Open until 4 October, 10am-4pm daily.

Artefact is a spatial drawing in the southern side of the Cockatoo Island convict workshop. It was made in response to the workshop's six recently installed white gallery flats, by being a shape that contains them all in one whole.  It is also a free standing sculpture outlined in yarn and supported by the floor and roof. It has a chameleon-like identity with the buildings, because, despite its scale, it is nearly invisible. Despite being located within an approximately 11m x 9m area, it tends to be seen a part at a time, and the whole is put together in viewers' minds. This vulnerability may partly explain why, while being made, it literally disappeared twice and was only able to be reconstructed through the miraculous intervention of passing scissor-lifts. (Though the second time it disappeared, the yarn was tied 4 metres up on the walls.) Thus, even though there are vigilant volunteer minders for the show, the work may not be there next time anyone visits.

day 6

day 14