Margaret Roberts Architectural Composition with Backyard (detail), green masking tape and found location, Marrickville Garage project space, 2013

Architectural Composition with Backyard is made by separating the two parts of Wladyslaw Strzeminski's Architectural Composition 13c and drawing each on one of the two facing doors of the project space of Marrickville Garage. Each shape is located on their door so that if the physical space separating them was deleted again, the two shapes would collapse back into (a drawing of) the original image. The purpose of inserting the actual space of the backyard into the composition is to make more overt the spatial ideas in the work. Strzeminski and co-artist Katarzyna Kobro wrote about their spatial concerns using the term unizm. In re-making their work nearly a century later I am attempting to collapse some of the temporal gulf we have with them while expanding the spatial implications of their work to take account of the greater urgency that spatial concerns now have.