Wladyslaw Strzeminski Architectural Composition 3a, 1927 (oil, canvas, 62cm x 62cm)

Architectural Composition with Salon 2013 separates the two parts of Wladyslaw Strzeminski's 1927 Architectural Composition 3a, and draws one on the front window of the Adams and Adams hair salon in Military Road, Mosman, and the other on the adjacent inside wall. Each is located so that if the physical space separating them is deleted, the two shapes would collapse back into (a drawing of) Strzeminski's image. The purpose of inserting the actual space of the Salon into the earlier composition is to collapse some of the temporal gulf we have with early spatial artists such as Strzeminski, while expanding the urgency that their spatial concerns now have. Thanks to Sue Callanan and to George and Ron Adams.