Straight-Line Residency Proposals for National Art School Building 25 (detail - 4 still images from each of 4 proposals)

The Straight-Line Residency Project is a collaboraton between Horst Kiechle and Margaret Roberts.

Four Straight-Line Residencies were proposed for the National Art School Building 25 as part of Artworks and Artwords, a group exhibition curated by Joe Frost and shown in the same Building 25. The proposals were shown as four files shown opened in SketchUp on a computer screen in Building 25 at the National Art School in Darlinghurst, Sydney. It was accompanied by the following text and grid of 16 images shown above. An image of the Building 25 is shown here.

Four proposals for straight-line residencies in Building 25 can be seen by clicking on the blue circular icon in Sketchup toolbar, and using the mouse to twirl the drawing to see it from different positions.

There are four different files on the desktop - each should be open on the screen.   If not, click on their icon on the desktop to open it in Sketchup.

Each proposal is made using a 3D computer model of Building 25, into which straight lines of different lengths   have been imported, each starting at different points in the building. The drawing shows how the building would bend each of them. These four lines have been selected from many others because they go into multiple rooms and we like the shapes they make.  

Also shown are still images from the four proposals for Straight Line Residencies in Building 25, each shown from the same 4 positions. You can find these on the screen (among many others) by twirling each of the lines.